The professional staff of 21CLS™ includes experts in instructional design, digital media, digital media applications, Web development, and learning management systems including Blackboard, WebCT, and eCollege. In addition, the 21CLS™ staff includes subject matter experts, content developers, writers, and course instructors that are dedicated to using the latest in video technology, text, and graphical layouts to bring the best online learning experience to students and trainees. Our staff is led by the following management team:

Randy Gunter, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Visionary Officer

Dr. Randy Gunter has a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Mississippi State University and is a retired Air Force instructor pilot. Having spent most of his military career in Air Force Education and Training Command, Randy is an experienced course developer and instructional designer. He has developed numerous professional development/training solutions for the United States Air Force, more than 20 air and army forces in Latin America and Europe, defense contractors, universities, corporations, and school districts.


Vicki Rath, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Vicki Rath has a Ph.D. in Educational and Instructional Technology from the University of Central Florida. Vicki has gained more than 14 years of experience in online course development in her work as a course developer with public institutions of higher education and for-profit corporate training companies. Prior to developing online courses, Vicki worked as a classroom teacher with deaf/hard of hearing students and students with learning disabilities.


Lydia Giffin

Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Lydia Giffin obtained a Business Degree from Brown College in Canada. After relocating to Florida, Lydia turned her talents and education to working within the entrepreneurial startup community in Orlando. Her experience working with Central Florida Innovation Corporation (CFIC), a non-profit organization responsible for launching several companies based on military technologies, enabled her to work one-on-one with many startup companies to develop accounting, human resources, and management systems. During her time with CFIC, Lydia successfully completed the mini MBA program at Rollins College.


Matt Johansen

Executive Director of Product Development

Mr. Matt Johansen has a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Interactive Systems from the University of Central Florida. With more than 10 years of experience in product development, Matt has an extensive knowledge of multimedia and course development. His past professional experience includes working as a multimedia/software developer for various multimedia studios and as a systems application developer for Gallup. Matt is proficient in server administration, Drupal content management systems, interactive media, programming languages, search engine optimization, database design, and media design.